Why A Savvy Mom?


I started Mom Savvy as a blog at sixteen weeks pregnant with my first child. I’d become disillusioned with all of the negative, worry-making information that I’d come across on the internet — the kind that makes you worry you’re going to miscarry at any moment or possibly give birth to a baby with two heads. I decided that it was better NOT to look at any of those sites, to become educated in the way you feel comfortable with, and to keep as positive a perspective as possible. So I started this space for parents (particularly moms, since that’s what I’ll be) and anyone else who is interested in the strange world of the online pregnant lady and mothering communities. I started it as a positive, caring, and supportive space for those who think outside the box, or are interested in finding a website that won’t tell you you’re going to have a miscarriage.

I’m particularly interested in some different things that might make people think I’m crazy, which I think is pretty awesome. These things include: natural birth, cloth-diapering, breastfeeding (guess that’s not so crazy), raising conscious and aware children, not worrying too much about annoying shit like baby-proofing, and just generally being relaxed and educated about pregnancy, childbirth, and mothering. (I even considered eating my placenta, but that’s another story.) I’m a raging liberal feminist that believes that liberal, feminist ideals should gel with embracing your gender and motherhood (if that’s what you feel like doing). I support all kinds of moms and dads and parents. Oh and, although I totally love that natural vibe and not harming the environment, I supplement my organic milk and fresh fruits and veggies with the occasional Twix, the frequent Oreo, and the daily Coke Zero. I’m opinionated, not easily offended, and a loudmouth in person and on the internet. I am what I am. Welcome.