Viber Spy Software for Mobile Phones:

While spy software for mobile phones, including call interceptor programs as well as spy mobile phone packages that allow listening in to calls made on mobile phones, sounds like the stuff of a James Bond movie, it is actually commonly available and has far more practical and real applications than international espionage. Employers who wish to keep tabs on casus telefon use of mobile phones and to ensure that commercial secrets are indeed kept secret, parents who fear their teenage children may be involved with dangerous individuals, and spouses who have reason to fear that their significant other is unfaithful are just as apt to purchase and use discreet and user friendly spy phone software as are private investigators and other professionals.


Mobile spy software is installed on the mobile phone or communications device that needs to be monitored. While all monitoring packages save and transmit logs of activity on the monitored phone, some packages can send an SMS message whenever any suspicious activity or any activity for which the installer has set up monitoring occurs. In addition, many fully featured mobile spy software packages include a call besides this useful call interceptor function, a comprehensive mobile spy software package usually includes functions for recording and tracing SMS messages as well as calls, and a mobile phone tracking feature as well.