Here are some tips if you decide to use buy adsense account to monetize your blog / site

WordPress Plugin : If you use WordPress, you can easily integrate your banners with the plugin Quick Adsense . Free, easy to use, it also allows you to determine the exact location where you want your ads to appear.

WordPress theme : if you want an optimized theme for the dissemination of Adsense, I personally use Niche Website Theme  (affiliate link). Several styles available, quick customization, and pre-defined Adsense sites. Ideal to start if you do not want to have anything to touch on your blog.

Emphasize the content above the waterline : latest updates SEO now penalizing sites with too many ads above the waterline. So be sure to push content first, after all that’s why people come to your site ..

Include 2 or 3 Adsense blocks:  if your content allows you (long enough), do not hesitate to put the maximum allowed banners, ie 3. You will increase the opportunity for clicks and your revenue per page.

Prefer formats “favorites” Google : 336 x 280 large rectangle, 300 × 250 medium rectangle, leaderboard 728 x 90 and 160 x 600 wide skyscraper And it is Google that says so! These are the ones that attract the most advertisers, and therefore have the highest level of competition. And the more competition, the more CPCs go up!

Avoid positions “classics” : while respecting the rules of course. Do not add your banners in a pop-up or in menus, you may be penalized. But avoid generic sites such as right column, or at the top of your site. Visitors are too familiar with these investments and do not “see” them any more. Take advantage of integration within your content to improve click-through rate (CTR).

Testing : locations, synchronous vs. asynchronous, never stop to try to maximize your winnings. Subscribe to the Adsense Newsletter, where you will regularly find interesting information to help you improve your performance.

Protect your site and your account Adense : it is becoming increasingly important, you are now responsible for the security of your data and those of your users. Never post your Adsense code on your site to prevent malicious Internet fraud, and secure your site from attacks. A vulnerable site will sooner or later sanctioned by Google. And it is not the last update announced by Google to privilege the display of sites in HTTPS that will make me say the opposite …