Online Currency exchange In Bangalore

You can send money online from wherever you are, provided you have an internet connection. A typical online currency exchange in Bangalore service requires you to register for the service and visit a designated website to conduct a currency exchange. You can send money to a bank account or to an agent location in the receiver’s country. Check with your service provider to know delivery options.

Currency exchange in Bangalore, MoneyGram and are some popular online currency exchange services. You can also use services such as PayPal to send money online, and avail different delivery options including bank transfer.

Card Transfers

Send money directly to recipient’s credit, debit or prepaid card. MasterCard Moneysend and Visa Currency exchange services are some popular examples in this category. You can send money from your MasterCard or Visa account, or visit an authorised agent, to make a currency exchange. Card transfers offer greater safety from risks such as theft than options such as collecting cash at an agent location or bank offer.

International Money Order

If time is not a constraint, you can go for International Money Order or IMO. IMO services are usually available at post offices and major banks of the sending country.

Check with your bank or local post office to know if they offer IMO services. If they do, find out the procedure for availing this service. For example, if you are using IMO service in Australia, you get an International Guaranteed Cheque for the amount that you specify. Courier this cheque to the recipient and he or she can get it encashed at a bank nearby.

Remember to find out if the IMO issued to you is eligible for encashment at the receiver’s country. Some banks may reject IMOs if they don’t align with specifications set by the banks.

Regardless of your currency exchange option, check the credibility of claims of the service provider by experimenting with a small amount, especially if you are going to send money abroad regularly.