Five Of Sam’s 2010 Favorites

1. Favorite Book: Mama, Do You Love Me? by Barbara M. Joose. Actually, this is my favorite, and I read it to Sam just about every night, so of course it’s his favorite too. It’s a beautifully illustrated book, and the bright colors and intricate designs stimulate Sam to touch the pages. It’s also not too long for his attention span (like some of the Dr. Suess books). The story is also sweet and reassuring and contains a cultural component to pique his curiosity in later years. Love it!


2. Favorite sleep aid: Cloud B Sleep Sheep! This is an extremely cute, fuzzy sheep. It also plays several white noise type sounds — rain, the ocean, a babbling brook, and whale song. (I’m not sure why a sheep would have whale noises, but it’s cool I suppose. I really like whales.) You can set the sounds to run 25 or 45 minutes in order to get Sam through his fitful sleep cycles at the beginning of falling asleep. The best part is that the sounds are not annoying — Eric and I can fall asleep to them as well. This is a lifesaver for fitful nights and unwanted naps!

3. Favorite stuffed animal: Jellycat Bashful Bunny. Sam’s bunny is his new lovey for night time and nap time. He holds onto it (picture in previous post), and he loves touching the ears and … well, chewing on its face. That’s the best thing ever right now in his life. Chewing on faces.

4. Best teething toy: Sophie the Giraffe! Sophie is soft, bendable, and non toxic. She also has thin legs and a thin neck — perfect for little infant hands to grasp. As with his Bun Bun, Sam likes to chew on Sophie’s face. Yum! I see Sophie everywhere! She must be quite popular with all the kiddies.

5. Favorite all-around toy: Manhattan Toy Winkel. Whatever this is, it’s a big hit. Sam loves to hold onto it and gnaw on all of the loops. He also loves to look at the colors and shake it to hear the rattle. A definite must!

The best thing is that these were all gifts! Many thanks to Lucila, Nicole, Emily, Lynn, Deb and the SLUTS (Southern Ladies Under Tremendous Stress — my aunt’s friends, who really have the best name of all). Sam is so lucky to have so many people who love him and give him such wonderful things.

Pregnant ladies, in particular — these are great items for your registry, birthday list, or holiday 2011 wish list!